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Data Collection Has Officially Begun at the Large Hadron Collider
Quantum Gravity
X-ray Laser Provides New Insight on Ultrafast Reaction in Myoglobin
Image - This computerized rendering shows the 3-D structure of myoglobin, an oxygen-storing protein found in many mammals’ muscles. The jagged green line represents a pulse of laser light that excites an iron atom (red sphere) at the core of the protein.
SLAC Will Purify Liquid Xenon and Test Detector Prototype for WIMP Hunt


€”Citing their ready availability and consistent quality, a report released Monday by the Brookings Institution confirmed that, as far as oyster crackers go, the nation is doing pretty good.

Grinning with contentment as he reminisced about the call he placed earlier in the day, 31-year...

SLAC visiting scientist and consulting professor Claudio Pellegrini is honored for contributions...
Image - Claudio Pellegrini.



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